North Haven Police Department

We strive to deliver professional and progressive police services while strengthening community partnerships through mutual respect, trust and collaboration


Who We Are

The members of the North Haven Police Department are committed to the following organizational values which guide our conduct and help to accomplish our mission:

INTEGRITY: Firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values: incorruptibility.

EXCELLENCE: An excellent or valuable quality: virtue.

SERVICE: Employment as a servant: contribution to the welfare of others.

VISION: Competence in discernment or perception: intelligent foresight

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Berniere Memorial Police Building

The recommissioning of the Berniere Memorial Police Building at 8 Linsley Street, August 26, 2019.

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On March 8, 1943 the North Haven Police Department was established by an Act of the Connecticut State Legislature. At that time, Joseph Castiglioni was appointed the officer-in-charge and he eventually became the first Chief of Police.

On March 8, 2013, the North Haven Police Department celebrated its 70th anniversary.

In 2010, the police department created a Canine (K9) Unit with the adoption of Zeus, a German Shepard that is crossed trained as a patrol canine and certified in narcotics recognition. In 2012, the department expanded the Canine Unit with the addition of Koda, a Labrador Retriever certified in narcotics recognition.

In 2012, the police department expanded its long-time SWAT partnership with the North Branford Police Department to include several shoreline area police departments. During this same time, a regional traffic unit was created with these police departments for the purpose of investigating serious traffic accidents. The South Central SWAT Team and South Central Traffic Unit were created and they provide such specialized police services for six towns. This partnership is a cost effective way to maintain the manpower, equipment, and training associate with providing such services


Uniformed Services

The Uniformed Services Division is the most visible component of the department. Working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, this Division represents the majority of the department’s staff. Responsibilities of the Patrol Division include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing primary response to community generated calls for service
  • Apprehending offenders
  • Engaging in proactive duties such as providing patrol presence/deterrence
  • Investigating complaints from citizens and business owners
  • Enforcing violations of local, state and federal laws
  • Domestic Violence investigations
  • Accidents- Motor Vehicle and Non-Motor Vehicle
  • Traffic Enforcement
  • Felony Crimes
  • Misdemeanor Crimes
  • Infractions & Crime Prevention
  • Community engagement and addressing quality of life issues

Investigative Services Division

The Investigative Services Division is responsible for all investigations of a criminal nature above the basic patrol response. Responsibilities of the Investigative Services Division include, but are not limited to:

  • Investigating crimes involving long-term investigations or special victims/interest
  • Identifying and apprehending offenders
  • Processing crime scenes
  • Recovering stolen property
  • Preparing cases for trials
  • Coordinating with the Office of the Chief State’s Attorney
  • Coordinating drug/narcotic investigations
  • Participating with area Task Force Offices
  • Intelligence gathering (social disturbance / civil unrest, threats to Town Government, etc.)

Information Services Division

This division is charged with maintaining, updating, and releasing all reports, videos, and any other information handled by this department. In addition this division is charged with all evidence, its retention, and storage. This includes anything that needs to go to court.

Professional Standards and Training

This division is charged with maintaining the professionalism of the department. In addition to this, those placed in this division handle training and development of all sworn officers


The office of the Chief and Deputy Chief. North Haven has had 7 Police Chiefs in its Police Departments history


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Kevin Glenn

Chief of Police

Chief Glenn is a 20-year veteran of the department, having held every rank along his career. He has commanded the Uniformed Services Division, Investigative Services Division, and South-Central Regional Swat team. He also acted as Public Information Officer (PIO) and assists in the budgeting and strategic planning of the Department. Chief Glenn was a key player in the creation of the Department K-9 program, formulation of the South-Central Regional Swat team, and Headquarters building project. He has served as Deputy Chief of Police, and has attended numerous educational and leadership courses, which include having a Master’s Degree in Leadership, attending the Harvard Kennedy School of Government Leadership and Decision-Making program, and the FBI National Academy, Session # 268.

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Andrew Stavrides

Deputy Chief

D.C. Andrew Stavrides is a 17-year member of the NoHPD. He has served as the commanding officer of the Investigative Services Division, Uniformed Services Division, and the Professional Standards, Accreditation, and Training Division. He is a former member of the South Central Regional SWAT Team, and a POST certified Police Instructor. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice from Northeastern University, and an MBA / MPA from the University of New Haven. He has attended several leadership programs including the Harvard Kennedy School of Government Leadership and Decision-Making program, and the Police Executive Research Forum (SMIP session 81).


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