At 1:50 p.m. on Monday July 28, 2014, a road rage incident turned violent.  According to witnesses, 25-year-old Luis Alberto Rodriguez pulled his vehicle next to another vehicle and began yelling at the driver in Spanish.  Both vehicles pulled into the parking lot of Advance Auto at 343 Washington Avenue.  Rodriguez pulled his vehicle behind the victim’s then got out with a baseball bat.  Witnesses observed the victim telling Rodriguez to calm down, but his attempts to avoid an altercation failed.  Rodriguez swung the baseball bat towards the victim’s legs two times missing on both attempts.  The third swing was aimed for the victim’s head, but he was able to duck out of the way.  The victim then struck Rodriguez causing him to drop the bat and fall to the ground.  Rodriguez was then restrained by the victim until police arrived.  While restraining Rodriguez, the victim sustained a bite to his hand.

25-year-old Luis Alberto Rodriguez was arrested and charged with Assault and Threatening.  He will be arraigned in Meriden Superior Court on August 14, 2014.