Office of the Chief of Police

Professional Standards and Training Division This division is charged with maintaining the professionalism of the department. In addition to this, those placed in this division handle training and development of all sworn officers.

Uniformed Services Division This division is contains all those most visible in the department. This is the patrol division and is the backbone of the department. Investigations, traffic stops and various other day-to-day operations are started and completed in this division.

Information Services Division This division is charged with maintaining, updating, and releasing all reports, videos, and any other information handled by this department. In addition this division is charged with all evidence, its retention, and storage. This includes anything that needs to go to court.

Support Services Division This division is tasked with the maintenance and upkeep of all fleet vehicles. In addition, this division upgrades and maintains as well as troubleshoots the in-car camera and computer systems.

Investigative Services Division This division contains the detectives as well as the school resource officer. After patrol receives calls that requires long term investigations or addition attention it is acquired and this division staffed by members specialized in specific areas.

South Central Regional SWAT and South Central Connecticut Traffic Unit The South Central Regional SWAT and Traffic Unit are comprised of selected members from the North Haven, North Branford, East Haven, Branford, Guilford, and Madison Police Departments. These agencies realized that the regionalization of specialized police services would provide cost effective response capabilities that are far greater than acting independently.

The South Central Regional SWAT team is a group of highly dedicated, professional officers committed to managing high risk police operations. Only those that pass a rigorous try-out and performance evaluation are considered for selection to the team. The team maintains a demanding training cycle to ensure operational readiness. The team officers carry these ideals with them every day while serving their departments and performing their assign duties. These officers are also tasked with conducting active shooter training for several of the departments. The South Central Regional SWAT Team also encompasses a Crisis Negotiation Team and Tactical Emergency Medical Support. The Crisis Negotiators play an integral role in the resolution of tactical operations. These officers are highly trained and hone their skills through ongoing training and exercises. The Tactical Emergency Medical Support component is led by a trauma surgeon that oversees five paramedics. These members can provide rapid and potentially lifesaving medical aid to police officers, civilians, and suspects who have been injured. These medical professional receive advanced tactical training and essentially travel with the team during all training sessions and call-outs.

South Central Traffic Unit has been established through a mutual police assistance compact to provide the participating municipalities with strengthened traffic enforcement and comprehensive investigation into serious or fatal motor vehicle crashes. This unit is comprised of highly trained officers from the member departments. These officers utilize over 200 hours of classroom training and on scene experience to evaluate, understand and reconstruct severe and fatal motor vehicle crashes. Each officer is certified as an Accident Reconstructionist through the University of North Florida. Traffic crashes are reconstructed and understood using a series of mathematical equations, formulas, and measurements to provide an accurate and precise representation of a crash. This team is on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week and can respond to the scene of a serious crash.

 We strive to deliver professional and progressive police services while strengthening community partnerships through mutual respect, trust and collaboration.


We strive to deliver professional and progressive police services while strengthening community partnerships through mutual respect, trust and collaboration.


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