On Tuesday August 26, 2014 at 9:20 a.m., a Monroe Street resident reported a man attempting to break into her home.  The woman caller was home with her 11-year-old son at the time.  Officers located the suspect, later identified as Shaun Bianchi, a short distance from the caller’s home.  Investigators learned Bianchi had entered the home through a basement door.  He walked through the basement and attempted to enter the first floor apartment, but the apartment door was locked.  The resident reported Bianchi was banging on the door and attempting to gain entry when she told him she was calling the police.  Bianchi fled the area, but was taken into custody a short time later.  26-year-old Bianchi was charged with Burglary Third Degree, Risk of Injury to a Minor, and Criminal Trespass.  Bianchi was held on bond and will be arraigned in Meriden Superior Court.